Lot No. TT15023-119 / Mid 1960s Style Vietnam Jacket “VIETNAM MAP” (AGING MODEL)

TEXT: テーラー東洋 企画総括・スカジャン研究家 松山達朗 (TATSURO MATSUYAMA)







Mid 1960s Style Cotton Vietnam Jacket “VIETNAM MAP” (AGING MODEL)






Lot No. TT15023-119 / Mid 1960s Style Cotton Vietnam Jacket “VIETNAM MAP” (AGING MODEL)


PRICE : ¥46,200(税込)

SIZE : S, M, L, XL




In the spring of 2022 Tailor Toyo releases the new series of aged jackets. So far, we have made our jacket look aged by fading the color of shell fabric which is acetate. In the developing this new series, we stuck to making the jacket “touch and feel” like authentic vintage jackets, not only making it look like them, by using proper materials and thread colors to create more natural aged-texture that is normally created by over-year wearing.

The jacket is made based on the vintage jacket that a US soldier who stationed in Vietnam for the war from 1966 to 67, obtained in Vietnam and brought back to the United States with him. Made of the aged, supple rayon/cotton twill fabric, with cuff-button shaped like an old-coin. It has the Japanese character “福” (means Happiness or Fortune) and a tiger head embroidered on the chest, and the Vietnam on the back side, and dragons on the sleeves. They are depicted in pale colors.